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the last supper.

you will never eat again.

You'll never eat again.
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Why I started this community or About this community

+This IS a pro-anorexia/pro-bulimia community. That means it promotes eating disorders. Any community that tells you otherwise is lying.
+The reason I am the way I am is because of communities like this. I'm not going to lie about that. Pro-ana communities are dangerous. I started this community for my own selfish reasons, as all people with ED are just as selfish. The point is blog at your own risk.
+I have gained weight. A lot of weight. You could pretty much consider me a fatass right now (but we're ALL fatasses arent we). I decided to start a community in which information will be easy to find and helpful...that's what this is all about.

Community Rules

1. ALWAYS use the appropriate form when posting (if applicable). Here is an example.
2. That's about it now...

Form for new members

Relative Location (i.e. 60656, Illinois, chicago, Cook county, midwest, USA, North America, etc.)/
Ana or mia?
goal in joining this community/
what do you think of the mod ;) /

*put new member in the "subject" section.

How to Post

+Many people are probably going to be really annoyed w. this whole form thing. But this is my community and things are going to work like I want them to. I am a very organized person and I want everything to be carefully archived so that I (or anyone else) can find what they need quickly and efficiantly.

Form for posting thinspiration Here is an example form.:
Real People/[]yes[]no
reverse thinspiration/[]yes[]no
quotes (and the like)/[]yes[]no

*In the "subject" section input Pictures.

Form for posting pictures of yourself:

*In the "subject" section input Me.

Form for posting tips.
Tip Subject(s) or keyword(s)/

*In the "subject" section input tip.

Random Posts...
...have no form so feel free to right anything. If I feel like a post is of value to the rest of the community I will archive it on my own.