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the last supper. [entries|friends|calendar]
You'll never eat again.

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[27 Feb 2012|02:46pm]


So starting tomorrow, applefor breakfast, protein barfor lunch, orangefor dinner. Feedback?

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new member [01 Aug 2008|11:13am]

[ mood | okay ]

BMI/ Don't know, right now I don't have the guts to stand on a scale. Denial... Ignorance is Bliss...or something
Weight/ See BMI
Height/ 5'9
Relative Location/ Utrecht, The Netherlands
Ana or mia?/ A bit of both... It's really on and off. I'm mainly trying to restrict  though.
goal in joining this community/ support and encouragement
what do you think of the mod ;) / filing things, honesty, order.. I like it :D

[30 Jul 2008|02:04pm]

Does anyone here want to video chat on msn messenger??

New member [24 Jul 2008|11:45pm]

Hii =)
I suppose I should give you a snippet of my life.

I'm from England.
Had an ED for 1year. (You're probably all proper pro's on here!)
Height: 5'2"
BMI: 16.67 (Underweight apparently)
CW: I'd say about 94 or 95lbs. I'm not too sure. My mum got rid of the scales!  
GW 1 : 90lbs
GW 2 : 86lbs
GW 3 : 78lbs

HW: 100lbs
LW: 90lbs

Here for support and friends. Hope to hear from you gorgeous bony people soon 

good day [23 Jul 2008|11:43pm]

i only had a roll [very little butter on it], a blow pop, and 3 mints.

and of course water. but water is a plus :]

my bf was an asshole.
got to his house and left right away...
hung out with some friends...

and eh. had sex with my friend.
well whatever.

im happy about what i ate though.
had stomach pains all day though...
and i feel like im going to pass out right now. :\

but all in all it was a good ana day :]

new member. [18 Jul 2008|01:18pm]

my name is: erin camille.
Relative Location/g-town, nh
Ana or mia? i'm fond of anne. i'd be friends with mia, but my gag reflex literally does not work, & laxatives cost money.
goal in joining this community/get back to my 92 with the help of some lovely people such as yourselves. tips & nice people are both nice.
what do you think of the mod ;)/well the mod sounnnnds... downright keen. ... dont hate me, i'm funny. D:

now we're friends. <3.

new [18 Jul 2008|03:21am]


Weight: 150 [im guessing. im not allowed to weigh myself]
Height: 5'9"
Location: 60007, Illinois, chicago, Cook county, midwest, USA
Ana or mia?: ana with mia tendencies. trying to avoid mia though
goal in joining this community: lose a lot of weight. get back on track with my ed
what do you think of the mod ;): lol um awesome? 

new member [18 Jul 2008|05:03pm]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

18 years old
bmi -  19.6
CW - 65.7 kg - 144.5 pounds
HW - 100.1 kg - 220 pounds
LW - 63 kg - 138 pounds
GW - 59 kg - 130 pounds

please help

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